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Deft window and glass gets to work on grime, dirt and fingerprints before you even wipe. Enjoy the continuous mist with just a light squeeze of the trigger and cover surfaces evenly – no more painful pumping! Ideal for all windows, mirrors, glass tables and all other glass surfaces.

This multipack of 12 is great value for cleaning businesses, avid cleaners and anyone that just loves a bargain!

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It’s often a race against time with window cleaning sprays to spray enough to cover the surface, whilst being ready to wipe it off before all of the liquid runs to the bottom of your window or mirror. Powered by compressed air, Deft Advanced Window & Glass Cleaner releases a continuous spray that covers surfaces evenly with a fine mist of its powerful plant-based formula, so there’ll be no running or streaking, just a sparkling shine once you’ve polished it off with a cloth.

Easy-squeeze trigger delivers even coverage and pain free cleaning. Our bottles are designed to be arthritis friendly and pain free. Sufferers of arthritis can often experience painful and achey hands. Deft removes the pain from cleaning and makes cleaning effortless. If you have arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, gout, carpel tunnel or simply want to make your cleaning easier, deft is the product for you.

You can say goodbye to aching fingers from repeatedly pumping the trigger when cleaning, as Deft’s clever bottles release continuous spray with just one light squeeze of the trigger. Powered by environmentally friendly compressed air rather than butane or propane, the spray head produces a fine, even mist of powerful cleaning solution, covering surfaces in seconds and avoiding the annoying splodges of foam that many other spray bottles leave behind.

Sprays at any angle to clean awkward corners with our arthritis friendly triggers.

It’s one of life’s little irritations when nothing comes out of your cleaning bottle because you haven’t got it perfectly upright…but not with Deft. Their 360° Anyway Spray technology allows you to clean awkward corners with ease, dispensing spray whatever angle you’re holding your bottle. The secret? It’s all in the clever tube, which runs the whole length of the bottle and is covered with little holes – as long as the liquid is touching any part of the tube, spray will be released, so you can spray upside down, to the side… any way you like! It also means that every last drop is used, so nothing goes to waste, giving you better value for money.

Eco-friendly cleaning

Made from a non-toxic plant-based formula, it’s kind on the environment and the whole bottle – including the trigger head – is fully recyclable.

We love cleaning and we love our planet – one should not compromise the other.That’s why we developed a 100% recyclable solution with zero emissions that uses non toxic, biodegradable plant based formulas with smart-botanics for an amazing cleaning result.


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