How Cleaning Can Raise Happiness Levels

According to a recent study, the cleanliness of your home may influence your mental and emotional condition, increase productivity, and decrease stress. The people who reside there are more productive and stress-free if the home is tidy. 

Scientists have been attempting to pinpoint the effect of cleanliness on our mood in recent years. Even the most difficult cleaning tasks, it turns out, might make us happier in the long term.

Lots of research has been conducted to understand more about the emotions involved with cleaning. One study measured physiological reactions like heart rate to cleaning. Researchers discovered that cleaning stimulates a level of energy and enthusiasm, almost like a brief adrenaline rush. Cleaning gave all 62 participants peace of mind, and 81 percent said they felt satisfied and in control after a full clean.

Meanwhile, another article from last year revealed that a mere additional hour of cleaning each week might improve reported levels of happiness by 53 percent—a big figure. The study also stated that keeping a clean environment is linked to various benefits, including better sleep, higher productivity, and even better attention. 

Keeping the home clean and tidy in retirement may be difficult, particularly if you have mobility concerns or a medical condition. However, this does not imply that you must live in an untidy area. Here are a few easy tips to help you keep your house clean and neat.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Things

Begin with getting rid of what you don’t need. Things that you don’t use anymore, just take storage in your house. De-clutter your house by getting rid of such items. You can create a checklist for this purpose and start working from there. Make a list of everything you need to get rid of. This includes items such as expired food, groceries, and medicines. You should throw such things. To guarantee your safety, remove any clutter from walkways and corridors.

Rethink Your Products

There are various specially designed products that can help you with cleaning and other duties while minimizing strain.

Take, for example, kitchen cleaning. Get rid of that old pump spray that you’ve had for a long time. Squeezing them can be as difficult as squeezing a tennis ball! A product like deft can help you clean with ease if your hand is in pain or injured. Deft products are 95 percent easier to squeeze than traditional trigger sprays. Deft is also 2x quicker to apply, giving you more time to clean.

deft clean range of eco-friendly cleaning products  


Make a cleaning schedule if you find it tough to keep up with it on a regular basis. Cleaning should be given a day or divided into parts, depending on your health.

Get Help

Ask for help from your loved ones. They can help you with cleaning the home, yard, washing, vacuuming, and other tasks. Consider hiring professionals if you can’t get family members to help because of their other responsibilities (work, young children, etc.). Professional caregivers can help you with housework and other daily duties, so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

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