Cleaning can be a chore, but it should’t have to be a pain. More than 10 million people in the UK suffer from arthritis or hand pain, if you’re one of these people – we understand. This list of 7 cleaning tips offers ‘finger friendly’ solutions and will help you clean with ease.

1. Little and often

Whilst it can be tempting to clean the whole house at once, this won’t do your joints any good. Repetitive movements, such as vacuuming and scrubbing, can increase discomfort. We suggest completing small tasks throughout the day. There’s lots of research to suggest that regular and varied movement is GOOD for arthritis and joint pain. So, in short – get moving regularly and avoid doing repetitive tasks for more than 10-15 minutes.

2. Get the right products

Did you know that ordinary trigger sprays can be as hard to squeeze as a tennis ball! The repetitive pumping is difficuly and painful. Be sure to choose product that mean you can clean effortlessly. Deft products are 95% easier to squeeze than ordinary trigger sprays. Deft is also 2x faster to apply so you can spend less time cleaning. 

3. Split up easy vs hard tasks

Make a quick list of tasks that you enjoy and ones that you don’t. For example, you might enjoy washing dishes in warm soapy water or dusting the house. Where as mopping and vacuuming might be more of a chore. 

Try doing a hard task and then rewarding yourself with an easier one. Remember to take it easy and if you start to feel pain – take a well deserved break and have a cheeky biscuit. 🙂 

4. Distract yourself!

Do you ever notice that the pain dissapears when you’re having a captivating conversation or winning at that game of candy crush or watching a tense moment of your favourite TV show? 

Show yourself a good time and put some banging tunes on whilst you clean. Try listening to a podcast or an audio book. Or put on a binge worthy netflix show whilst folding laundry. 

4. Clear out and cash in! £££

You know that iron that’s too heavy, and the vacuum thats too chunky? They might be worth something! Facebook marketplace is a great place to list second hand items online. And even better, people will collect straight from your door.

5. Employ some help

From the money you make on Facebook marketplace, it might be a good idea to get some help. Professional cleaners can be expensive, so if you have children or grand children – i’m sure they’d be happy to help in exchange for some pocket money. 

6. Keep cleaning supplies where you need them

Keep a set of cleaning products on each floor of your house and/or in the appropriate rooms. This will save lugging bottles from room to room and up & down the stairs.

7. You’re doing better than you think

The fact that you’re reading this blog and seeking out help means you are motivated and determined. Well done! It’s not easy living with pain, so we think you’re doing amazing. <3

Check out this video below to hear Daphne’s thoughts on deft’s finger friendly products. Daphne is one of 10 million in the UK that suffers from hand pain and arthritis.

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