Michael Pritchard inventor, CEO, MBE. Deft clean
“I am sorry this journey is coming to an end.  The Team here worked so very hard to make the brand a sucess. Thank you to all of you.
However I love Inventing and I’ll never stop.  To see what I’m up to see here: www.winewizard.co“ If you Love Wine You’ll Love Winewizard.

After a fantastic 3 years dealing with some lovely customers we have had to come to the difficult decision to stop selling Deft and Virusend.

With inflation as it is and the cost of living crises we were unable to offer our fantastic products at competitive prices.

We hope you have enjoyed using them and they have brought some joy and happiness into you lives.

Michael W. Pritchard MBE the Inventor is working on his next invention and we will let you know soon what it is and where you can get it.  (He’s always had a passion for wine so if you want a sneak preview take a look at Winewizard by Vinalchemy, which will be launching in March 2023. If you or your family love wine, you’ll love winewizard.co)

Winewizard 3-in-1 Smart Wine Aerator

Michael has been working on Winewizard for nearly 2 years now.  Launching in March 2023 Winewizard is a Smart 3-in-1 wine aerator that is proven to enhance wine’s taste, aroma and mouthfeel, and increase it’s perceived age and value.  

If you know Michael you know it will be a great product.  You can check it out here: www.winewizard.co

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– Michael Pritchard, MBE, Inventor & CEO

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